Welcome to Blooming Pregnancy Spa and Imaging Center in Austin, Texas!


Austin's ONLY spa for every stage of motherhood.  From preconception massage, to prenancy safe spa services including massage, facials and reflexology, to elective ultrasounds and post partum services such as Exilis body contouring and skin tightening. 

For Your Changing Emotional Needs...

We know this is a time when you need reassurance. Using the latest 3D/4D ultrasound technology, our friendly & caring RDMS medical sonographers will perform a limited diagnostic scan that will allow you to see how your baby is positioned, see and hear the heartbeat, and watch him/her move. You can even see your baby's facial expressions and count his/her fingers and toes for the first time. Invite those closest to you to participate in this bonding experience in the comfort of our spa setting.  Once your baby has arrived, we have services to help ease your body back to normal!

For Your Changing Physical Needs...

We offer a special collection of therapies to help the body, mind, and spirit prepare for and acclimate to motherhood. From therapeutic massages to balancing facials to pampering foot reflexology, we can reduce discomfort, counteract hormonal effects, and enhance the natural glow of pregnancy. And... feel free to bring a friend or the expecting Dad with you for a shared experience.  After baby, you can take advantage of our newest body sculpting treatment Exilis for targeting belly fat and other areas you want to quickly shrink and tighten.

For Your Changing Product Needs...

Our products are specially selected with your unique needs in mind. Specialized skin care for your growing tummy, Post Partum belly wraps, Beautiful birthing/nursing gowns, Plush Stuffed Animals with baby's recorded heartbeat, Ultrasound frames, and gift certificates of course!

We know all about the emotional and physical roller coaster your body goes through when having a baby.  We are here to help you every step of the way...and beyond.


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